Call to Order and Roll Call


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Board of Supervisors Chairman Eugene Fried followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Township Supervisors in attendance were Dorothy Diehl, Ben Fiorito, Eugene Fried and Steven Rothenberger. The Upper Hanover Authority Board of Director in attendance was Dean Kresge. The Upper Hanover Authority staff member in attendance was Marita Thomson. Upper Hanover Township staff members in attendance were Joseph Bresnan, Township Solicitor, John Weber, Township Engineer and Stanley Seitzinger, Jr., Township Manager.

Citizen Comments


Kevin Battista of Longview Court inquired with the Board of Supervisors concerning easements at his property.


Scott Ferguson from Walt Road explained drainage concerns relating to existing storm drain pipes at Walt Road.


Sweet Water Land Development


Robert Kolonia, Jeff Vietmeir and Robert Whitley addressed the Board concerning a requested Development Agreement relating to the previously approved Sweet Water Land Development plan. Township Solicitor Bresnan offered to meet with Robert Whitley, Esquire, to review the text of the requested Developer Agreement.


537 Special Study Valley View


Discussion ensued concerning on-lot sewage concerns at the Valley View Development. Available options will be evaluated.


Resolution #2019-23, Dean R. Kresge, Upper Hanover Authority Five Year Service Recognition Award


Mr. Fiorito moved to adopt Resolution #2019-23. The motion was second by Mr. Rothenberger and carried affirmatively. A copy of the Resolution was presented to Dean R. Kresge.





MS4 Pollutant Reduction Plan for Green Lane Reservoir - Public Comments


Manager Seitzinger reported that comments were not recieved to the Municipal Office concerning the MS4 Pollutant Reduction Plan during the term of the required public notice. Residents in attendance at the September 9, 2019 Joint Workshop Meeting did not present comments.


2019 Line Painting Project Proposals


Mr. Rothenberger moved to award the 2019 Line Painting Proposals to the low bidder Midlantic. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Diehl and carried affirmatively.


Zoning Issues Reviews


The Board of Supervisors reviewed the monthly Zoning Officer report.


Sale of Water Softener


The Board of Supervisors recommended that the water softener taken out of service be listed for sale on the Municibid program.




Mr. Bresnan will prepare an Ordinance draft concerning a requirement to keep any buck shot on a property from where the target shooting occurs.


Review of September 10, 2019 BOS Regular Meeting Agenda


The agenda was reviewed.


School Crossing Guard


A discussion ensued. The matter was tabled for further review.




Mr. Rothenberger moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:45 p.m. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Diehl and carried affirmatively.



Respectfully Submitted,



Stanley W. Seitzinger, Jr.

Township Manager