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7:00 PM


May 8, 2017



A. Call to Order


            B. Citizen Comments


C.     Township Building Generator


D.    Traffic Camera – Route 663/Knight/Kutztown


E.     Montgomery County Community Development Block Grant Program – 2018 through 2020


F. Review of May 9, 2017 Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting Agenda


G. Other


H.  Adjournment















May 9, 2017

7:00 P.M.


I.  Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag


II.                 Roll Call


Mr. Fried, Chairman

Mr. Fain, Vice-Chairman

Mrs. Diehl, Assistant Secretary

Mr. Fiorito, Assistant Treasurer

Mr. Rothenberger


III. Citizen Comments


IV. Approval of Minutes


A.    April 6, 2017 Joint Meeting Minutes, April 11, 2017 Workshop Meeting Minutes, April 12, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes and April 20, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes


V.  Monthly Invoices


A.     Previously Paid Bills Authorization


B.      Approval of Monthly Bills to be Paid


VI. Monthly Reports


A.    Treasurer’s Report – Mr. Seitzinger


B.     State Police Report – Mr. Seitzinger


C.     Building Inspector Report – Mr. Seitzinger


D.     Fire Marshal Report – Mr. Wetzel


E.     Road Report – Mr. Latshaw


 VII. Special Items


A.    Resolution #2017-17, Five Year Service Recognition Award – Rebekah S. Putera, Representative to Upper Perkiomen Valley Library


B.     Resolution #2017-18, Five Year Service Recognition Award – William P. Fenley, Parks and Recreation Committee


C.     Resolution #2017-19, Five Year Service Recognition Award – Stephen J. Grourke, Parks and Recreation Committee


D.    Upper Perkiomen Valley Library Update – Jeanne Cove and Becky Putera


VIII. Planning and Zoning - Mr. Seitzinger


A.    Zoning


1. Continued Public Hearing - Sweet Water Golf Course Conditional Use


B.     Subdivisions and Land Developments


1.      Upper Perkiomen School District Middle School Waivers


2.      Resolution #2017-06, Application for Traffic Signal Approval


3.      Resolution #2017-20, Sanitary Sewer Service Extension Approval Resolution – Upper Perkiomen School District Middle School


IX. Committee Reports


A.    Budget and Finance Committee – Mr. Fiorito


B.     Personnel Committee – Mrs. Diehl and Mr. Fain


C.     Open Space, Parks and Recreation Committee – Mr. Fried


D.    Regional Planning and Planning Committee – Mr. Rothenberger


E.     Sewer and Water Committee – Mr. Fiorito


F.      Bridge and Road Committee  - Mr. Fiorito and Mr. Fried


1.      Equipment Operator/Laborer


G.    Public Safety Committee  - Mr. Fiorito and Mr. Fried


X. Township Engineer’s Report – Mr. Seitzinger


A.    Escrow Releases


XI. Township Manager’s Report – Mr. Seitzinger


XII. Township Solicitor’s Report – Mr. Bresnan


XIII. Old Business


A.    Resolution #2017-21 - Penn-dot Agreement on Wayfinding Sign Project


XIV. New Business


A.    Tax Refund – Kain J. Wentz - $125.41


B.     Tax Refund – Gruner Jahr Printing Assessment Appeal– Stipulation to Settle - $27,907.00


C.     Farmland Preservation – Wentz Trust Agreement of Sale for Agricultural Conservation Easement


XV. Adjournment