Call to Order and Roll Call


The meeting was called to order at 5:17 p.m. by Township Supervisor Chairman Eugene Fried, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Township Supervisors in attendance were Dorothy Diehl, Ben Fiorito, Eugene Fried and Steven Rothenberger.  Township staff in attendance were Joseph Bresnan, Township Solicitor and Stanley Seitzinger, Jr., Township Manager.


Upper Perkiomen School District Middle School Conditional Use Appeal


Township Solicitor Joseph Bresnan reviewed the major points of the proposed Stipulation of Settlement.  Mr. Bresnan indicated that a vote to approve the Stipulation of Settlement would authorize the Township Solicitor to sign the stipulation for the Township.  Mr. Hosterman, Solicitor for the Upper Perkiomen School District would then file the Stipulation of Settlement with the court to end the litigation.  Mr. Bresnan requested comments from the Board of Supervisors and the public. 


Chairman Fried reviewed the bike path and sidewalks that would be approved through the approval of the Stipulation of Settlement.


Christopher Mullaney asked how the public can present questions on the stipulation if members of the public have not seen the stipulation.  Mr. Mullaney reported that Pennsburg Borough had asked to intervene on the matter.  A Marlborough Township resident inquired if eminent domain was needed for the sidewalk installation.  Mr. Bresnan explained the requirements in the stipulation.  Melanie Cunningham asked if sidewalks would be installed at the end of the project.  Mr. Bresnan indicated that the Stipulation of Settlement does not include staging requirements for the project.


Mr. Bresnan indicated that if the vote of the Board of Supervisors is favorable to approve the Stipulation of Settlement, the stipulation would be signed the next day and that waivers referenced in the Stipulation of Settlement would be scheduled for action on the next Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda.


Chairman Fried requested a motion concerning the proposed Stipulation of Settlement.  Mr. Fiorito moved to approve the Stipulation of Settlement and to authorize the Township Solicitor to sign the Stipulation of Settlement on behalf of Upper Hanover Township.  The motion was seconded by Mrs. Diehl.  The motion carried affirmatively with Mrs. Diehl, Mr. Fiorito and Mr. Fried voting yes and with Mr. Rothenberger voting no. 








Mrs. Diehl moved to adjourn the meeting at 5:37 p.m.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Fiorito and carried affirmatively.


                                                            Respectfully Submitted,        





                                                            Stanley W. Seitzinger, Jr.

                                                                        Township Manager