Call to Order and Roll Call


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Eugene Fried followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Township Supervisors in attendance were Dorothy Diehl, Richard Fain, Ben Fiorito, Eugene Fried and Steven Rothenberger.  Also in attendance were Steven English, Township Solicitor, John Weber, Township Engineer, Thomas Latshaw, Road Foreman and Stanley Seitzinger, Jr., Township Manager.


Citizen Comments


Paul Yaskowski and Dominick Pulice presented additional amendments relating to the Public Sewer Connection Agreement with the Perkiomen Animal Hospital.


Mrs. Diehl moved to approve the revised Agreement as presented.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Rothenberger and carried unanimously.


Church Road and Schoolhouse Road Intersection and Route 663 Bridge Work


Discussion ensued concerning the impact of detours relating to the scheduled Route 663 bridge work on the intersection at Church Road and Schoolhouse Road.  Various options for additional signs at the location were reviewed.  No final action was taken.


Newman Road Paper Street


The Board of Supervisor reviewed a request for the possible vacation of paper streets located at Newman Road.  Staff was requested to review deeds relating to the parcels located on Newman Road.


Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center Township History Display and 2016 Donation


Mrs. Deihl moved to authorize the presentation of a $500 one-time payment in order to help defer costs relating to the Upper Hanover Township history display planned by the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center in recognition of the Township’s 275th Anniversary in 2016.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Fiorito and carried unanimously.


Building Permit Fees


The Board of Supervisors recommended that the American Legion and The Upper Hanover Authority provide escrows instead of set building permit fees for their planned construction projects in 2016.  Any remaining funds after the completion of all inspections will be refunded.





Review of April 12, 2016 Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting Agenda


The agenda was reviewed.




Mr. Fain provided an overview of the Upper Hanover Township Planning Commission’s review of the Pedersen Self Storage Sketch Plan.


Enforcement actions will proceed regarding the Potash property located on Walt Road.




Mr. Fain moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:25 p.m.  The motion was seconded by Mrs. Diehl and carried unanimously.




                                                            Respectfully Submitted,





                                                            Stanley W. Seitzinger, Jr.

                                                                        Township Manager