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Upper Hanover Township Tax Collector
Tax Collector- Matthew Kells                     
803 Gravel Pike
P.O. Box 282
Palm, PA 18070

Phone: 215-679-8313
Fax: 215-679-8313 (the same as the phone number)
E-mail Me Click Here!
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 2pm to 5 pm.
Matthew Kells    

Current Tax Rates                  

2021 County Tax = 4.022 mills

Upper Perkiomen School Tax 2020-2021 = 25.2278 mills

2021 Township Tax = 1.45 mills distributed as follows:
1.20 mill - general purpose
.2 mill - Fire department tax for equipment
.05 mill - Ambulance tax
Per Capita Tax - $5.00
Real Estate Transfer Tax- one half of 1%

Local Service Tax - $10 a year for earnings $2,000 or more
Earned Income Tax: ½ of 1% for residents
                                1% for non-residents
LST, EIT and Per Capita Tax are collected by Berkheimer Associates
Contact Berkheimer Assoc by phone:
EIT 866-701-7206 and LST 610-599-3142 or
Visit the website at

2021 All Funds Summary
Adoption of Budget
Pay your real estate taxes electronically.
Call 1-877-568-2937 or visit for electronic payments. There is an additional fee for payment by credit card and partial payments can not be processed.

All residents and organizations are urged to review the mailing address used by the Board of Assessment to send out real estate tax bills.

If your mailing address is incorrect or needs to be changed, please send a signed notice to Matthew Kells Tax Collector, Upper Hanover Township, 803 Gravel Pike Palm PA, 18070. Please, note that failure to receive a real estate tax bill does not absolve a taxpayer from their obligation to pay their bills in a timely manner.

Why should I pay the flat/penalty when I never received the first bill in time to pay the discount?

It is the homeowner's responsibility to obtain their tax bill. The Tax Collector mails over 2,500 tax bills and does not know if a particular taxpayer received their bill or if it is returned we may not know the correct mailing address. There are many other reasons that a bill is not received but it is the homeowner's
responsibility to notify the Tax Collector that a bill was not received and to provide the information to send it to the homeowner.

Official Payments Corp.
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