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New Mill Hill No Hunting Zone

In September a group of residents from Hosensack Road submitted a petition to the Board of Supervisors requesting that Hunting Restrictions be put in place to prohibit hunting with a Rifle on the Mill Hill Property due to safety concerns about hunters shooting toward their backyards where children play.   This request comes after Pennsylvania adopted regulations that allow hunters to use straight-wall rifle cartridges to be used in the Shotgun/ special regulations area.  

The Board shared their concerns for public safety and assigned staff and designated Supervisors to meet with the local Game Warden to learn more about Pennsylvania hunting regulations and the impact of different firearms.   The Township also reviewed its Agreement with the Pennsylvania Game Commission that allows hunting at the Mill Hill Preserve where not posted otherwise.     We learned a lot!    We learned about how the Game Warden measures the 150-yard safety zone from structures that can be inhabited and we learned that it is illegal for hunters to set up outside of the safety zone but aim and shoot into the safety zone.    

Hunting is a widely enjoyed activity that helps manage the populations of wildlife and in turn, reduces the number of wildlife-human conflicts such as property damage and vehicle accidents.   The consensus of the staff review was that a compromise needed to be found to address the safety concerns of abutting property owners.    After evaluating the Township's current restrictions which include a designated "No Hunting Zone,"  staff proposed a second "No Hunting Zone" along the Hosensack Creek that would expand the existing 150-yard safety zone to a minimum of 200 yards.    To illustrate the approximate expansion of the State Regulated 150-yard safety zone, please see this exhibit

The Ordinance Amendment to implement this new restricted area was adopted at the November 14, 2023, Board of Supervisors Meeting and is scheduled to be posted. 

Proposed Mill Hill No Hunting Zones Map