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Annual Road Maintenance

The 2023 Road Maintenance Program began in March with the public bid process for selecting contractors, material suppliers and supplemental equipment and labor. The selection of roads for improvement is arrived at in preliminary fashion the year prior and revised as necessary in the spring, based on damage winter months brought upon our roadways. The first visible sign of pending road resurfacing is the Township's Road Department working diligently to repair inlet boxes and replace pipes that cross the roads scheduled for improvements.   On some roads, crack sealing is a necessary preparatory step. Finally, the contractor is responsible for putting signs up on the roads and delivering door-hanger notifications to affected property owners.   

There are four types of road maintenance processes that Upper Hanover Township utilizes: Mill & Overlay, Ultra-Thin Micro Bond, Cape Seal and Oil & Chip. The Cape Seal has a third step in the process that occurs 2-3 weeks after the aggregate is applied and swept.  The result is a smooth surface that resembles pavement. This process has been deployed on development streets in 2022 and 2023. Traditional Oil & Chip work has a rougher surface, is not given the final seal coat and is utilized on higher volume roadways. PennDot also oil and chips roadways and has plans to use this method on Kutztown Road in 2024. 

Residents call each year and want to know why? Why don't we mill and overlay their roads? The answer is eventually, we will; the maintenance work extends the life of the roadway but does not replace a mill and overlay or total road reconstruction. The Township maintains approximately 60 miles of roadways. Cape seal costs $4.86 per square yard and blacktop costs about $15.00 per square yard. Simply but, it’s more economical and extends the life of the roadway.