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Mail Box Damage Policy

In the course of plowing roads in poor conditions, or operating heavy equipment, mailboxes are occasionally inadvertently damaged.  The Township adopted a policy to help facilitate a standard response to reports of damaged mailboxes.

  1. Residents should report the damage within one week of the occurrence.
  2. The name, address and email or phone number of the person reporting the damage must be provided. 
  3. If any video or photos are available, they should be submitted with the report. 
  4. Receipts for materials to repair or replace the mailbox must be submitted to the Township.
The Township Manager will confirm the report with Road Department Supervisor and verify that Township personnel were operating equipment in the vicinity of the damaged mailbox.   If the report is complete and receipts are in order, the Township will requisition payment for the cost of materials only, not to exceed $150.00.    The payment is made on the Bills List approved by the Board of Supervisors at the monthly meeting following approval of damage assessment. 

Submit Mailbox Damage Report