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Planning, Zoning & Community Development

Upper Hanover Township does not have a Planning Department.   All applications for Subdivision and Land Development, Zoning, Building, Stormwater Management, Road Occupancy, and similar activities are received by the Township Administration Department, headed by the Township Manager. They are then processed and directed to the Township's consultants and, as appropriate, the Township advisory boards.  All applications must be submitted directly to the Township Office to be logged in and processed. 

The Township's Zoning Code regulates land use and activities in the Township and prescribes conditions, setbacks, and criteria for approval.  When adopting a Zoning Code, municipalities must follow the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, Act 247, as well as legal precedents and case law.  The Township's Zoning Map designates areas of the Township for each zoning district.  Zoning Permits are required when a material change of use of the property is proposed, for accessory structures less than 200 SF, and with all building permits excluding mechanical, electric, and plumbing permits. 

The Township's Administrative Staff can answer questions about the application and review process, point you In the right direction, and answer routine zoning questions.   After submission to the Township, applications for Zoning Permits and Zoning Interpretations are reviewed by the Township's consulting Zoning Officer, Robin Royer of LTL Consultants, Ltd.    If the application is rejected, applicants have the right to file an appeal or request a variance from the Zoning Hearing Board; however, zoning cannot be waived.    Requests for a change to the Zoning Code are submitted to the Township for review by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. 

Township Zoning Officer                     

Building Permits & Stormwater Management

After receipt of a Building Permit or Stormwater Management (Grading) permit application, the Township Administrative Staff logs in the application and forwards it to LTL Consultants, Ltd. for review by the Township Zoning Officer and Building Inspector, or the Township Engineer. Township Staff notifies applicants when the permit has been issued and the amount of the fee to be paid to Upper Hanover Township and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Applicants are responsible for scheduling the required inspections, including a final inspection to close out the permit.   

Township Building Inspector                               Township Engineer   

The Stormwater Management Ordinance requires that any proposed regulated activity that would create additional impervious cover is exempt from the drainage plan preparation provisions only as provided in Table 1.   If a site has previously received an exemption and is proposing additional development such that the total impervious cover on the site exceeds the amount in Table 1, the total impervious cover on-site, proposed since July 9, 2013 is calculated to determine plan submission requirements.

Subdivision & Land Development

The Township has extensive directions and requirements for submitting Subdivision and Land Development Applications.   These requirements are outlined in the application packet.     The Township has a minimum 30-day review period for applications.    Most applications will be heard by the Planning Commission at the First Regular Meeting of the Planning Commission following a 30-day review period.  Review letters by the Township Engineer, the Montgomery County Planning Commission and the Township Traffic Engineer, if applicable, are issued prior to the meeting.   The deadline is the last Friday of each month.   For example, an application received on the last Friday in September will be heard by the Planning Commission at their November Regular Meeting.  The deadlines are announced on each Planning Commission Agenda.  Agendas list current plans with activity as well as plans without activity that are in various stages of review by the Township.      All application fees are listed in the most current Fee schedule

Road or Street Occupancy Permits
The Township requires applicants who wish to perform construction activities within the Township's Legal Right-of-way, including the boring underneath of said roadway, to first apply for a Road Occupancy Permit.    All digging requires PA-1 Call Before You Dig clearance.      Applicants who wish to occupy, restrict, or close a public roadway also need to apply for a Road Occupancy Permit to obtain permission from the Township.